What is the Best Choice of Milk for Athletes?

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Cashew, rice, almond, soy, oat, unsweetened, 1%, lactose-free — the milk shelves at the supermarket are lined with a variety of options. You might have wondered which one is the best choice to boost your fitness. 

Discover how fueling with lactose-free or regular skim milk can contribute to getting more out of your training.

Alternative types of milks in glass bottles. Vegan non dairy milk

Why Do I Need Milk?

There are several good reasons why consuming real milk enriches the athlete’s diet:

  1. Protein: Protein can help you to improve performance, lean out and stay healthy during your training. Cow milk is a great source of high value protein. But what if you are on a plant-based diet? There are non-dairy options to complement your training needs.
  2. Calcium: Another nutrient found in milk that is beneficial for athletes is calcium. It plays a role in muscle contraction and nerve conduction and contributes to bone health. Both male and female athletes benefit from paying attention to their intake, regardless of their age.
  3. Carbohydrates: Naturally occurring carbohydrates, such as found in milk (or fruits), are the healthiest source of sugar for an athlete. You need them to fuel any highly intense physical activity. For example, to run up a hill, pass your competitor during a race, or push harder during a swim workout. 

Bottom line: Milk is a very nutritious, offering potential anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidative effects for your training.

Does Milk Speed Up My Recovery?

Yes. Milk is an effective post-exercise drink that results in an increased muscle protein metabolism. This leads to an improved net muscle protein balance. Muscle structure that got damaged during your intense exercise will be rebuilt. Milk also consists of naturally occurring sugar types that help fill your carbohydrate depots. All of this makes milk a unique centerpiece of your recovery strategy – you get healthy carbs and lean protein in one!

This article was published on USA Triathlons Multisport Lab Blog.

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