$95.00 Initial Assessment

More Active Time & Eating Healthier

60 min Initial Assessment & Training Session

How do I get lean while exercising? You have heard all the great tips, such as ‘Clean Up Your Diet’, ‘Add More Strength Training’, ‘Eat The Right Carbs’, ‘Be More Active’. We show you how to put it all together. Eat better, not less!

Eat Better, Not Less

What Is Included?

-) Analysis of Your Current Training and Sports Fueling via Questionnaire

-) 30 min Talk: Individual Sports Nutrition Tips based on Your Needs

-) 30 min Weight Room Session: Functional Strength Exercises

-) Fueling Tips and Recommended Exercises in pdf file

More Strength, More Healthy Food, Less Body Fat

Start out with a 1:1 session where we teach you strategies to eat smarter. We also show you strength exercises to increase your metabolism and improve your performance.

You Are What You Eat!

A file with the summary of your session will be sent to you by email.

Example Sports Nutrition Tips

Get Tips Based On Your Answers Of Sports Nutrition & Training Questions

Session is held at the University Fitness Center in Huntsville.

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Training Session – Follow-up

$65.00 for 60 minutes. Incl. taxes.

Practice Proper Form To Avoid Injuries

After an initial assessment come back for more! Show off your progress and make adjustments based on additional tips and exercises. We make sure you stay on track and advance even more!

Train At Your Own Schedule With At-Home Exercises

What Is Included?

-) 1:1 Training Session plus Workout in pdf version

-) Strength Training Exercises for At-Home or At-The-Gym

-) Injury Prevention Strategies

-) Sports Nutrition & Healthy Weight Management Tips

A follow-up session is the perfect 1:1 time to get more nutritional input and improve your proper technique.

Get Tips For Healthy Recipes

The workout will be sent to you after the session by email.

Example Workout File

Your Workout Sheet To Train Correctly Afterwards

Book a session via phone or email

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