Join us for a motivational event full of encouragement, learning, and inspiration. 

You might you want to book an event with us for various reasons:

A) Are you a coach looking for a nutrition related input for your team or individual athletes?

Get Fresh Ideas

B) Are you a fitness enthusiast wanting to establish healthier lifestyle habits?

Keep It Fun

C) Are you a business interested in offering special incentives for your customers or employees?

We offer fitness related presentations, workshops, clinics and similar events for sports teams, training groups, businesses and companies.

Our events cover topics interesting for health seekers and athletes alike.

Get Inspired

Here are previous examples of events:

Invite your Clients!

-) Why Fitness Matters More Than Weight

-) The Power Of Food – Eat Smarter, Ride Harder

Events Can Be Fun!

-) Stay Balanced – Challenge Yourself

-) Why Athletes Need Whole Foods

Choose Whole Foods

-) Female Master Athletes – Injury Prevention

-) Triathlon Training: Fueling Long Distance Training

Race Day vs. Daily Nutrition

-) Stronger – Leaner – Faster Master Endurance Athletes

-) Get Fit and Stick To It

Over the years we have helped active people and athletes of a wide variety of sports and fitness levels to form healthier habits. Our talks are tailored to motivate to change, based on current needs:

o) Female athletes

o) Vegan athletes

o) Endurance athletes

o) Overweight athletes

o) Team athletes

o) Master athletes

o) Fitness enthusiasts wanting to lose weight

o) Fitness newbies needing ideas where to start

We either come to your place, a store, a gym, a fitness center, or arrange a place like a local healthy grocery store or rent a room at the fitness center.

If you are a non-profit organization, we offer a special discount rate:

You only pay $50.00, which is 50% off the regular rate for each event.

Food Challenges For Workshops

If you are a regular for-profit business, our rate is $100.00 each event.

We Come To Your Place

Please contact us to arrange details!

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