Walk To Move Your Body

Walking gets the feet moving, the blood moving, and the mind moving. And movement is life.

A Shared Walk is Definitely The Most Fun!

In case you haven’t gotten a chance to walk today, make sure you make some time for it! Your health will thank you :o)
Add a short walk after your lunch, squeeze in a few minutes in a break, or stop on your way home and get your legs moving.

Every Minute Counts!

It does not have to be for a long time, any minute counts!

I believe we sometimes aim too high, and get disappointed if we fail to reach our goals eg. could not exercise for 30 min this morning.

Try To Add Several 5 min Mini-Walks Daily

Instead of shooting for a 30 min walk every day, try to add 3x per day a 5 min mini-walk. Walking up and down the hallway, and extra distances in the car parking lot or while at the grocery store.

Over time you can increase the minutes and walk gradually.

Ditch Your Phone And Walk Instead

If you have a busy day, try to get yourself out of your chair and off the screen for a few minutes here and there.

Getting your focus off your current task and clearing your mind out is an effective way to be more focused and efficient once you come back from your walk!

Adding Activity Minutes To Improve Your Health

People who walk more are generally fitter and less likely to have health complications.

Time to get off your screen and take a few steps instead!

Happy Walking!

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