Two Fun Team Workouts

Have some fun while working out! If you get a chance, compete against others. Time will fly by!

Stay Motivated!

Here are two options of little group workouts, which can also easily done by yourself.

Domino Workout – 8 min

Complete the following round of exercises:

-) Flight of Stairs up and down (or 10 Box Step Ups)
-) 10 Mt Climbers
-) 10 Rotational Ankle Touch Crunches (with weights)

=> Draw 1 Domino piece.

If the piece can be added, continue with next round of exercises.
If it can’t be added, complete 10 Jumping Jacks or 10 Squats, then continue.

Workout ends when all domino pieces are used up.

Descending Pyramid

15 min of Team Workout. Split up the exercises with your team partner.

While he or she does the repetitions, you can rest. Break it into smaller chunks like 5-10 reps, and alternate frequenty.

Your goal is to complete the listed sets as fast as possible.

-) 100 Squats
-) 90 Sit Ups
-) 80 Lunges
-) 70 Push Ups
-) 60 Donkey Kicks
-) 50 Dips

Make Checks To Stay On Track!

I did both with my Healthy and Physical Education students at UAH. Everybody is way more motivated when they know they are part of a team!

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