TRX Workout No 4

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The fourth and last workout of our series of four TRX workouts includes exercises to improve your run, bike and swim performance. Functional strength exercises are a great way to improve your stabilizer muscles. Stabilizer muscles contribute to keep your muscles well coordinated and balanced. Well balanced athletes are less injury prone!

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Core Strength for Endurance Athletes

Core strength helps endurance athletes move more efficiently and keep up their good form while running, biking or lifting weights. Adding exercises engaging your core will make it easier for you stay in shape. A fitter core can perform better, longer and healthier.

Workout Number 4

Exercise No 1 – TRX Lunge with Knee Pull

Hold each handle with one hand. Step behind you and lower yourself into a lunge.

Rear Lunge Position

Remember to bring your lower knee towards the floor rather than pushing the front knee forward. After lowering into a lunge, come back up and swing the rear leg into a high-knee position up front.

High Knee Position

Exercise No 2 – TRX Alternating Hamstring Curls

Start on your back, with your heels hooked into the TRX handles. Put your hands behind your head, engage your core and lift your hips.

Keep Hips High While Moving Your Legs

Alternately bring your heels towards your glutes. Imagine sweeping the heels along the floor. While one leg is bent, the other one is extended. Keep it up for 10 reps.

Alternate Sides

Exercise No 3 – TRX Pikes

Start in a prone position, slip with each foot into one of the TRX handles. Bend your elbows and get yourself into a forearm plank position.

Forearm Plank Position

Engage your core, lift your hips and start in a TRX plank. From there, tighten your core even more and pull your extended legs in. Drive your hips towards the ceiling, while keeping your legs extended (High Hip Position). Lower back into the plank position and repeat for 10 reps.

High Hip Position

Exercise No 4 – TRX Side Plank Tap

Start on your side, both feet in the TRX handles. Bring yourself into a side-plank position, by engaging your core and lifting your hips off the mat.

Side-Plank Position

Align yourself nicely, keep ankles, hips and shoulders in a row. The lower arm is in a forearm plank position, the opposite arm points towards the ceiling. Drop your hips down, tap the floor, and come back up into the side plank hold. Repeat for 10 reps.

Side Plank Tap

Get Started Now!

We hope these 16 exercises gave you a good idea how much fun TRX exercises can offer!

Get Moving!

Runners and cyclists, get stronger with suspension-based bodyweight training!

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