TRX Workout 3

Lots Of Fun Ways To Get Stronger!

Improve your core strength with TRX exercises. They are a fun alternative to lifting weights and help you to run and bike stronger.

Workout No 1

Workout No 2

Add Various Exercises To Run and Bike Faster!

Benefit Of Functional Training

Functional exercises mimic sports moves and work different movement planes. Which means after 1000s of foot strikes or pedal strokes, it might be a good idea to address your muscles in a different way. And support the stabilizer muscles. A little bit extra upper body strength would not hurt either ;o)

Your body will thank you by staying less injury prone!


Exercise #1 – Clock Press

Start in a plank position, both arms bend on your side, elbows facing towards the ceiling.

Start In A TRX Plank

Engage your core, stabilize your entire position, and push one arm to the side. The rest of your body should stay as rigid as possible. While staying in the plank position the entire time, bring the arm back in, and repeat to the other side.

Hold On Tight!

Exercise #2- Power Pull

Start this fun core exercise holding both straps with one hand. Stand sideways and reach overhead with the other hand towards the anchor of the straps. Pull yourself towards the anchor.

Then lean to the side, and reach with your hand towards the floor. Extend the arm diagonally away from the anchor. Keep your core engaged while pulling and reaching.

Exercise #3 – Single Leg Chest Press

Start on standing on one leg, the other one extended to the rear. While holding one strap with each hand, keep both arms extended in front of your chest. Engage your core, lean your entire body forward.

Keep Your System on One Leg

The ankle is your pivoting point. Bend the arms next to your body, before extending them and returning back to the start position.

Engage Your Core When Moving

Exercise #4 – Squat and Fly

Start holding each strap with one hand. Lower yourself into a squat position by bending your hips. Keep your back straight and your arms extended overhead.

Lower Your Hips

Now push yourself back into a standing upright position, keep your extended arms overhead, then drop them to your side. You will finish in a ‘Y’ position. Return slowly back to the squat position.

‘Y’ Position = Finish

Repetitions and Sets

Start with a round of 10-15 repetitions each exercise/ each side. Build your fitness up to 3 or 4 rounds. This routine is ideally done in combination with a a run, ride or swim.

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