TRX Workout 2

Various Exercise Options with a Sling Trainer

Mix it up! Add more variety to your training with TRX exercises.

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Sling It

Suspension systems like sling trainers use your bodyweight to make your exercises more challenging. If you are looking for a way to mix up your training, a sling trainer is THE perfect alternative training equipment.

Strap systems are commonly known under the brand name TRX, but a variety of other good quality systems exist.

Free-hanging vs. Door-hooks

The Best Solution = A Bar

There are 2 types of systems. The free-hanging version requires either a chin-up bar, or a similar free-standing bar, or ceiling hooks, which can be used as a hook for the anchors. The door-hook version can be used on most common door frames with a regular closing door.
The free-hanging version offers a wider variety of available exercises, but might require you to drill some holes into your ceiling…

Workout Number 2

Exercise #1 – Overhead Squat

Start Position – Arms Overhead

Start with your arms extended overhead, facing the anchor. Squat down, leave arms extended overhead – keep torso tight and upright.

Squat With Arms Overhead

Exercise #2- Bulgarian Split Squat

Start Position

Start standing upright, holding the ends of the slings with both hands. Lift off one leg and lower into a split squat. Push the rear leg back and extend your arms. Alternate legs.

Finish Position

Exercise #3 – Hamstring Curls

Reverse Plank As A Start

Start on your back, both heels in the slings. Come into a reverse plank by lifting your hips and keeping them tight. Rest on your shoulder blades, arms on your side. Pull your heels towards your hips, by bending your knees.

Hips Up With Bent Legs

Exercise #4 – TRX Crunches

Start In A Plank Position

Put both feet into the slings, start in a forearm plank position. Tuck your knees towards your chest. Keep your arms stable and avoid any swinging.

Knees Tucked In

Get Stronger Over Time

Start with a round of 10-15 repetitions each exercise/ each side. Build your fitness up to 3 or 4 rounds. This routine is ideally done after a run or bike ride to emphasize some functional strength training.

Find a workout buddy for your own accountability. Time passes so much quicker, and it is way much more fun than by yourself!

Find Motivation With A Fun Workout Buddy

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