TRX Workout 1

Keep it fun!

Use a sling system like TRX and build your strength, balance and coordination. Total Body Resistance exercises help you to get stronger by improved core and joint stability. Ideal for athletes and health seekers alike – a fun way to work out!

Adding Total Body Resistance Exercises

Try to implement these 4 exercises into your regular routine. Each exercise 10-15 repetitions each side/ each leg. Hold the plank for 30s each side. Start with 2 rounds and build your way up to 4 rounds. The more the merrier!

1. Step Forward Lunge with T-Fly

Plank Position

Start in a plank position, hold extended arms in front of you. Step into a lunge, bring arms to side.


2. Low Row

Plank on Heels

Start in a leaning plank position, hold the straps with extended arms. Keep torso tight and straight, pull yourself toward the anchor. Keep elbows at your side.

Stay on Heels

3. Crossing Balance Lunge

Cross Over to Left Side

Start facing the anchor, stand on one leg. Lift the other thigh until parallel to the floor, hold the handles close to your chest. Step back into curtsy lunge, cross rear leg.

Cross Over To Right Side

4. Side Plank

Keep It All Tight!

Start with the TRX in a low position, both feet in the slings. Get into a side plank on your forearm. Hold your torso stable and keep feet, hips and shoulders aligned. Hold for 30s and switch sides.

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