Top 10 Aldi Fueling Tips

The first step to create healthy eating habits is to be prepared.

Make A Smoothie Out Of Fruits and Veggies

If you want to pre-cook, pre-bake, freeze left-overs, pre-cut veggies, prepare meals for the next day or similar, get started by having lots of healthy food at home.

A Relaxed Post-Workout Brunch On A Sunday!

Buy less of the not-so-healthy products, to be less tempted to overeat.

Buy Fresh Food First

When I go to the store, I fill half of my shopping cart with veggies and fruits. Berries, melons, peaches, apples, bananas, zucchini, salad, tomatoes, cucumber, carrots and similar, are the majority of my groceries.

Mainly Fresh, But Keep It Easy!

Same rule for everybody – if you want to eat healthy, you have to make sure to have plenty of fruits and veggies at home.

What Is In My Fridge?

But what about the second half of my shopping cart?

Genius Dessert: Berries and Vanilla Bean Hummus

During a Sports Nutrition session with a runner last week, I got asked what foods she would find in my fridge. She thought it would make it easier for her to buy similar, lean and healthy products.
That’s why I came up with my list of favorite products I buy at Aldi.

My Top 10 Aldi Food Tips

Tip 1. Get To-Go Snacks For Before/ During A Workout

Fruits in various forms help you to fuel your exercising.

Apple Sauce, Dried Apricots and A Gluten-Free Berry Bar

Avoid running low on carbs so you do not get hungry and overeat with sweet desserts later to make up for the missing energy! Unsweetened apple sauce, unsweetened dried fruits and bars low in added sugars are ideal options.

Tip 2. Bring Gluten-free Bars

Various bars can aid as a quick snack before or during a workout – lots of their options are gluten free.

Aldi Has A Variety Of Gluten-Free Products

During workouts, I prefer the ones without nuts since they are easier on the stomach.

Tip 3. Try Unsweetened Dried Fruits

Dried fruits are a great fuel source before/ during/ after workouts. Quick and healthy to-go energy.

Fruits On The Go

They are high in fiber, so they are not for everybody before or during their workouts. After exercising they can help you to quickly refuel your depleted energy storage. Make sure there is no extra sugar added.

Tip 4. Have Some Unsalted Nuts

Get nuts which are unsalted, usually to be found in the baking aisle.

Top off your fruits, yogurt, salads or eat them simply as a healthy snack. A handful is plenty!

Tip 5. Enjoy Your Fruits with Yogurt

Mix your favorite fruits like berries with a low-sugar Greek Yogurt or plain Greek Yogurt with some honey blended into.

Plain or Low-Sugar Greek Yogurt

This combination of lean protein and healthy carbs is a great sweet snack before or after a workout.

Tip 6. Recover With Healthy Pasta

To have energy for a long ride or an intense run, your body will need healthy carbohydrates. Choose either brown rice or edamame spaghetti, which are both healthy forms of pasta.

Whole Wheat with Beans or Brown Rice

My big favorite are bean spaghetti since they provide extra protein, in a very lean form. Aldi also offers a black bean version.

Tip 7. Select Low-Fat Dips

Their assortment includes a variety of delicious dips. Go plant-based with their hummus versions, or opt for one of their Greek tzatzikis. Have it either as a post-workout snack, or for dinner.

Lean Protein and Healthy Carbs

They have great tasting whole grain bread as well, even a low-sodium version of it. Your snack or meal could be a piece of whole grain bread with either Olive Tapenade Hummus or Greek Tzatziki with an egg. Add your favorite veggies, and you are ready to go!

Tip 8. Try This Vegan Sour Cream

Dairy free, vegan sour cream! Tastes delicious as a regular replacement of meals with sour cream, but is also a great combination with fruits or granola.

Plant-based Sour Cream

Tip 9. Prepare Healthy Post-Workout Meals

Grilled salmon, kale chips, boiled potatoes and some of the plant-based sour cream. An example of a high quality meal which helps you to recover quicker after a workout. Plan ahead to have it ready when you finish your workout!

Mix Healthy Protein, Carbs and Fats

If you are vegan, replace the salmon with plant-based protein like tofu or beans.

Tip 10. Have A Nutty Dessert

Almond Butter can be spread on fruit, bread or crackers. It is a healthy source of fats and carbs. Since it is a high-caloric dense food, enjoy it in moderation.

Almonds Are Delicious!

One of my favorite desserts are Almond Butter, Banana slices and slivered Almonds on top of a rice cracker. Yum!

What Is Special About Aldi?

Aldi is actually from Germany, but in Austria we have a similar grocery group, called Hofer. It might be hard to understand why it is very exciting for an European to buy at a European grocery store. Why?

A German Cup: “Forever Happy’

-) European foods are known for their high quality

-) Europe has stricter food laws, and generally less food additives in their products

-) Simply because I miss home and enjoy eating food I grew up with ;o)

I hope you got encouraged to try some of their products! A healthy lifestyle is a journey – start yours today!

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