There’s No Such Thing as Bad Weather…

Bundling up helps to stay warm!

“There’s no such thing as bad weather only inappropriate clothing” – which is a common Norwegian saying.

Too hot, too cold, too wet, too windy…

A common excuse – sounds familiar?

Exercising is more fun when you are warm!

We can learn from the Scandinavians, which have lots of cold and wet weather.

They suggest using the ‘3 layer system’, before heading outside:

1) Base layer – a simple cotton short sleeve shirt. Make it a long shirt on a colder day.

2) Mid Layer – a thermal long sleeve shirt. Add a sleeveless vest or a fleece jacket on a colder day.

3) Outer layer – a wind and/ or water proof jacket. Use a lined coat as the temperature declines.

No matter if on skis or hiking – appropriate clothing makes the difference

Wearing 3 main layers no matter how cold it is is the key to staying warm (and dry!!). If we bundle up like the Michelin man we are restricted in movement.

Hiking can be done in all weather conditions

Exercising outdoors is so much fun! Do not let the bad weather stop you!!

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