The Power of Walking

The More The Merrier

Walking for Health: How to use the Power of Walking to Improve Health and Achieve Weight Loss

What Are The Benefits?

Daily walks reduce your risks of heart disease and increase your heart and lung fitness. You are less likely to develop high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol or muscle pain. Walking is a fun way to improve your endurance and reduce your body fat.

30 Minutes a Day = Green Light!

How Often Should I Walk?

A Walking session of 30 minutes a day or more on most days of the week is the recommended amount to maintain or improve your overall health. The more, the better.

Are 3x 10 min or 1x 30 min Better?

Former guidelines based their outcomes on older research which only found benefits in those who walked at least 30 minutes at one. Later those findings were revised and benefits were also found in those who walked 30 minutes in at least 10 minutes at a time bouts.
But it even got better.

Every Walking Minute Counts

30 Minutes a Day – No Matter How

Based on the latest research update as of November 2018, it was summarized that anything is better than nothing! Which means that it also counts when you accumulate your 30 min in smaller amounts than 10 min each!
This reflects most people’s active behavior during their regular days. They might not find time to exercise for 30 min straight, but achieve 30 min over the course of their day.

How Fast Should I Walk?

Start out at a comfortable pace, and add a few faster segments over time. Gradually build your way up until you can walk 30 min as briskly as you can. Since ‘more is better’, this will get you the most health benefits.

Include Stairs and Hills

Get More Out of It

If you gradually increase the difficulty by walking at a faster speed, or adding hills and climbing several flights of steps in between your walks, you will be rewarded by even more improvements in your muscular strength and your bone strength.

Make Walking Part of Your Routine

Find a time which is most convenient for you, and try to stick to it. Try to walk at the same time each day, to make it a routine.

Walking Can be So Much Fun!

Making Walking a Pleasure

Walking with others can turn exercise into an enjoyable occasion. I love to walk with others, like on the picture above hiking with my Mom. But I also really enjoy listening to a podcast while I am out walking!

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