Technique-Based Injury Prevention for the Swim

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Did you know you can reduce the risk of developing overuse injuries by adjusting your technique? In this two-part series, we’ll look at injury prevention specifically for women 40 and older. In Part 1, we focus on the background and the swim.

“2017 USA Triathlon Age Group National Championships – Sprint”

The Lowdown

Swimming and cycling with a slow turnover rate requires a high effort (force) to push/pull through the cycle compared to higher rates, which is similar to running with a slow cadence. The longer the stride rate, the higher the impact of each step. This increased effort puts an extra load on the muscles, connective tissue and consequently on the surrounding joints. Based on these findings, exercise professionals and coaches have suggested an increase in the turnover rate (stroke rate/rpm/stride rate) to avoid overload injuries.

As we age, peak performance in endurance events decreases by 10 percent per decade, starting as early as 30 years of age. In the fourth decade, there are measurable declines in various cardiovascular and muscular fitness, with training-related consequences requiring attention, such as:

  • Prevention of overuse of joints and connective tissue due to their reduced ability to adapt to high stress.
  • Prevention of muscle loss, increase in body fat and bone density loss.

This article was published on USA Triathlons Multisport Lab Blog.

Read the entire article HERE

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