Swim Assessment

$95.00 Swim Analysis for Triathletes

Smooth Swimming In The Open Water Is A Skill You Can Learn!

60 min 1:1 Swim Analysis/ UFC (incl. day pass)

Smoother, fitter, more efficient. Use the expertise of an Exercise Professional to improve your swim skills.

We show you how to get more efficient in the water, use drills to improve your technique and avoid overuse injuries.

Learn Drills To Get Better

What Is Included?

-) 60 min Session at University Fitness Center/ incl. Day-Pass

-) Analysis of Current Skill Level/ Video

-) Most Effective Swim Drills To Improve Your Technique

-) Successful Strategies To Prep For Open Water Swims

-) Written Summary of Session

Practice Open Water Technique!

How Do I Get Started?

Step 1: Book a session.

Step 2: Meet at the pool for a 60 min session.

Step 3: Learn current technique deficits and ways to improve them.

Step 4: Get a summary of our session via email.

Step 5: Start implementing our recommendations.

Step 6 (optional): Meet for a follow-up for $65.00.

Swim Drills Improve Your Technique

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