Sports Nutrition

Stay ahead of your competition, and leave GI distress, bonking and fatigue behind you.

Eat better, train smarter and improve your performance.

Assess Your Current Sports Fueling:

$95.00 – 60 min Sports Nutrition Session

What Is Included?

-) 60 min Online Chat with Qualified Coach

-) Review of Current Training & Fueling Habits

-) Tips for Optimizing Training and Racing

-) Successful Weight Management Strategies, without performance loss

-) A Written Summary sent after completing the Session

How Do I Get Started?

Step 1: Book a session.

Step 2: Fill out a questionnaire – get your current status checked.

Step 3: Meet online for 60 minutes with a qualified coach.

Step 4: Get a written summary and start with our recommendations.

Step 5 (optional): Meet online for a follow-up for $65.00.

Book a session now!

$95.00 – 60 min Sports Nutrition Session