Spinach Salmon Wraps

Wraps are a simple way to serve a healthy dinner – or to bring with you for lunch.

All you have to do it to wrap and roll a few nutritious ingredients. Here is a delicious version using spinach and smoked salmon.


High Protein or Whole Wheat Wraps
Low Fat Cream Cheese or Hummus
Pesto Rosso
Cashew and Almond Dip
Fresh Spinach Leaves
Smoked Salmon

Step 1
Spread some of the low fat cream cheese, pesto and dip on the wrap. I like mine with 1/2 of the wrap with cream cheese, and smaller amounts for the dip and pesto.

Add a thick layer of spinach and 2 slices of smoked salmon. Try to spread it mainly on one half.

Step 2
Wrap and roll, starting on the side with the thicker layer of spinach and salmon.

Step 3 – optional
To create pinwheeles, cut the roll into 1/2-1 inch wide slices.

Eat it right after you have tossed it all together and wrapped it up. Or store it in a container and bring it with you for later.

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