Run + Functional Strength Combo

Get Active Wherever Possible!

Don’t wait until you have time at the gym to get your strength exercises done. Instead, try to implement them into your existing routine. In between a run, after a bike ride, or before your swim.

Use Outdoor Equipment

Summer or Winter, no Excuses!

You can either bring small equipment like a resistance band, but you can also use equipment you would find in a park or along a Greenway. A bench is a great tool for various exercises such as push ups and single leg squats. And steps, tree stumps or fallen logs are excellent for leg and balance exercises.

Little Is Better Than None

Most Endurance Athletes are Time Crunched

Start with these 3 exercises, and make it a habit to add them 3 times per week to your endurance workouts. Instead of worrying why you could not get your two weekly 30 min strength workout sessions done.

3x 10 min Run-Strength Combo Workout

Go for a 3x 10 min run. Every 10 min stop for a round of 10 repetitions of the following 3 exercises:

Exercises #1 – Bench Dips with Leg Lift

Start In A Reverse Bridge Position

It’s usually not too hard to find a park bench, some steps, a tree trunk on the ground, or a suitable fence post somewhere along a run. Even a curb would do the trick. Sit down on bench, place hands right next to your thighs. With a shoulder width grip, slide your bottom off the bench, and walk your feet away from the bench. In this so-called ‘reverse bench’ position, or glute bridge, bend your elbows to lower your torso. To make the dip move more challenging, lift one foot off the ground. After 10 reps, switch to the other leg.

Lift Off 1 Leg For Extra Resistance

Exercise #2 – Step Ups

Start with 1 Leg on Top Off The Step

You could use the steps you found, or a bench, for this exercise. I used a slide’s platform at a playground. Put one foot on the top of the steps, extend your hips and knees and lift your body up to the top. Place the second foot on top of the steps and extend your hips fully, before stepping down with the other leg. Switch out legs, go for 10 reps each leg.

Finish On Top Until Hips Fully Extended

Exercise #3 – Elevated Push Ups

Start In An Elevated Plank Position

The same steps or the bench would work, or simply the trunk of a tree. Surely you could also go for the full version and crank out your regular push ups on the floor. But to increase the number of reps and sets, most of us benefit from using an elevated version. It helps to build up your strength and muscular endurance of your upper body gradually.

Finish With Your Chest Towards The Tree

No excuses – mix up your run training and get stronger!

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