Proud Chest – Shoulders Back!

Check out how a fitness pro shows you how to improve your form. A better posture during lifting transfers to various daily activities.

Athletic Stance

When doing resistance training exercises in a standing position, use a stance which supports developing strength without compromising your structure.
A healthy base position is a so-called ‘athletic stance’.

Here are 6 key points of a proper stance for free weight moves:

-) Weight evenly distributed between your feet, either shoulder width apart or using a staggered stance,

-) Knees slightly bent,

-) Upper body upright,

-) Abs tucked in, lower back flat or sightly arched,

-) Proud chest with shoulders back, but relaxed,

-) Head either straight or in extension of your spine to support a neutral position of your spine.

Straighten up and feel taller!

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