Perfectly Shaped Shoulders

Integrate these 3 moves into your routine for strong and shapely shoulders!

Build Up Gradually – Avoid Injuries

Start with a set of 15 repetitions with light weights. Build your strength gradually, add a second round, when it gets easier.
After you built yourself up to 3 rounds of 15, increase the weight and start over with 12 repetitions. Again, build first the number of sets (= number of rounds), before adding weight.

Start Position for Lateral and Front Raises

Your muscles grow quickly, but your structure takes longer. You want to avoid aches and pain in your joints or ligaments.

1) Standing Lateral Shoulder Raises

Lateral Raises

Start standing upright with weights in both hands. Lift arms to side until parallel to floor. Do not lift higher than shoulder level to avoid harm on your shoulder joints.

2) Standing Front Shoulder Raises

Front Raises

Start standing upright with weights in both hands. Lift arms up front until parallel to floor. Same like with the lateral raises, to not raise above shoulder level.

3) Squat to Shoulder Press

Squat to Shoulder Press 1

Start with weights in both hands, hold them at shoulder level. Squat down, imagine you want to sit down on a chair behind you (= squat). When returning back to upright position, drive arms overhead until extended (= press).

Squat to Shoulder Press 2

If you want strong shoulders, these great moves will sculpt your arms as well!

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