Pear-Ginger Crumble

Ready for the oven - pear cubes on top of a base, sprinkled with an oat-sugar-nut crumble.
Baked for 45 min

How nice to try out a yum looking recipe I found in one of my sister’s favorite magazines ‘Flow’.

I tweaked it a little bit to turn it into a healthy fuel option for athletes.

It includes healthy pears, which are a great fruit option in fall and winter.
High in Vitamin C, high in fiber, and a healthy carbohydrate version.

Ginger is well know for its powerful anti-oxidative and antiflammatory effects. The recipe asks for a powdered and a fresh version.

A lot of ingredients, but still simple to put it together.

Fresh and healthy ingredients

-) 4 eggs
-) 1 cup brown sugar (215 g)
-) 3 cups spelt flour (330 g) (replace with quinoa flour for a gluten free version)
-) 1 tbs baking powder
-) 3 tbs powdered cinnamon
-) 2 tbs powdered ginger
-) 2 tbs vanilla extract
-) 1 cup Alpro Cuisine Soy (15% fat) – instead of Creme fraiche
-) 1 tbs size piece of fresh ginger, shredded
-) 2 tbs canola oil
-) 1/2 cup walnuts
-) 1/2 cup oats
-) 3 pears, cut into small cubes

Base = Batter:
1) Beat 3/4 c brown sugar and eggs until fluffy.
2) Add 2.5 c flour, baking powder, cinnamon, powdered ginger, vanilla, cuisine soy, and fresh ginger.
3) Pour batter into form (prep first with parchment paper)

Pear cubes on top of batter

1) Mix left-over sugar, flour, oil, nuts and oats to crumble
2) Spread pear cubes on top of batter
3) Sprinkle crumble on top of pears

The final piece – fluffy and moist

Bake in oven for 40-45 min at 160 Degrees C/ 320 F

My friend Andrea got the first piece and she said it was yummy! I was surprised how fluffy the base was (extra tip: use eggs at room temperature). And the ginger adds an interesting flavor.

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