Pea Protein Food from Vegini

Genius! A plant-based protein which is vegan and soy-free and has similar benefits for athletes like whey protein.

Their hilarious webpage

I came across Austrian’s company Vegini and their factory in lower Austria during my recent December trip. A friend, an athlete himself, warmly recommended to try their products which are delicious.

What is so special about them – they focus on a clean product (lactose-, soy-, GMO- and gluten-free, without additives) and achieve a texture which is very similar to meat. Which makes it a perfect source of protein for vegans or vegetarians.

No Matter of the Pig or the Chicken…

Why is it so important to substitute the animal-based protein and not just skip it?

Athletes going vegan or vegetarian without watching their protein intake are most likely to be deficient. Their regular fueling does not provide them with essential amino acids, which are commonly found in dairy products or meat.

What is the down-side of being low in protein?

Protein is not only a very important building block for structures like muscles and hormones, but is also used for fueling of intense, longer-duration exercising.

Why is it especially essential for athletes 40+?

As we age, we tend to lose muscle mass more easily. Increasing our Protein intake and including regular weight training are both necessary to reduce these changes.

Where can I get pea protein products?

You can check their webpage for a list, but they are so popular that you can purchase them at regular supermarkets next to other vegan or vegetarian food choices.
They have an English version of their page.

Pea Protein Increases in Popularity

My next Blog about pea protein will show how whey and pea protein will affect strength training participants.

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