Choose from various services:

  • Online 5k and 10k Programs. Get tools to train towards a 5k or 10k run and establish healthy eating habits. 
  • Online Indiviualized Programs. Improve your performance and prevent injuries by optimizing your training and conditioning.


12 Weeks Fitness & Weight Loss Programs

We deliver flexible workoutsdaily nutrition tips and recipes to your phone. A qualified coach keeps you motivated!

$90.00 – ONLINE COACHING – 5 km Option

$90.00 – ONLINE COACHING – 10 km Option

Get slimmer, fitter and healthier by eating smarter.

All problems become smaller when you confront them instead of dodging them.” – William F. Halsey

Use this plan to establish long-term healthy lifestyle habits. Designed by Exercise and Health Professionals.

What Is Included?

-) 12 Weeks Online Training Program

-) Daily Nutrition Tips and Healthy Recipes

-) Online Walk/ Jog/ Run Sessions and Strength Exercises

-) Access To Motivating Certified Online Coach

How Do I Get Started?

Step 1: Book a 12 Weeks Plan – select either a 5k or 10k version, depending on your current fitness level.

Step 2: Upload Training App on Your Phone

Step 3:  We Upload Your Selected Program To Your App

Step 4: Begin to Exercise and Implement Tips daily. We stay in touch through the training app

Ideal for beginner and intermediate level.


Monthly Workout Programs Online

Prevent injuries and improve performance with flexible cardio and strength workouts to your phone. A qualified coach checks your progress and keeps you motivated!


Individualized programs start at $120/ month, depending on your needs. Please get in touch to get a quote.

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