One-Sided Weight Exercises

Asymmetrical Squats

In a previous post we described the benefits of Functional Strength Training for Endurance athletes.
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Bosu Banana Boat

Today we bring a few examples of single-sided exercises which could improve your posture and make you a stronger endurance athlete.

This is a form of training to improve the mind-muscle connection. You increase your body awareness which is critical to performance.

Kettlebell Squats on Bosu

Asymmetrical or single-sided moves focus on your strength and balance, which activate more stabilizer muscles. In-cooperate functional exercises to correct body imbalances. Any difference in strength between your arms, legs, or core makes you weaker, slower, and more prone to injury.

1) One-Sided Kettlebell Swing

One-sided Kettlebell Swing – Start Position

Start with one kettlebell in one hand. Bend hips and knees and lower into a squat. The kettlebell swings down between your legs. Now drive your legs up, accellerate the kettlebell and extend your hips fully. Swing the weight up to your shoulder level, not higher. Repeat 10x, then switch arms
for a second set

One-sided Kettlebell Swing – End Position

2) One-Sided Plank with Triceps Kick-Back

Plank Position with 1 Dumbbell

Start in a plank position, with extended arms and one dumbbell in one hand. Align your ankles/ hips and shoulders, avoiding a spike in your hips.

Upper Arm Parallel to Floor

While keeping your torso tight, pull your arm back until your upper arm is parallel to the floor. While keeping the upper arm in place, extend your elbow and kick the weight back. Continue with bending and extending your elbow while keeping your head low, in extension of your spine. Alternate sides for 10x on each side

Triceps Kickback – End Position

3) Diagonal Wood-Chops

Diagonal Wood Chop – Start Position

Start standing upright, grabbing a dumbbell with both hands. Bring the weight above your right shoulder. Now keep your torso stable, and step forward into a lunge with your left leg. While stepping forward and lowering your hips, drive your arms diagonally up front towards the outside of your left thigh. Step back and repeat with right leg. 10x each leg

Diagonal Wood Chop – End Position

Another functional workout example: ‘Asymmetrical’ can be found here

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