Core Strength Circle

How to Increase your Core Strength with a Mini Band Workout.

Exercise: Crunch Variation - Crunch & Punch
Exercise: Crunch and Punch

Great exercises to work your hip strength/ mobility, core and arm strength. Equipment needed: mini-band (or make loop with cord), cord and bench.

3 Circles of

1) 10 Standing Lateral Leg Raises (each side)
2) 12 Bench Reverse Bent-Knee Hip Lifts on Edge each leg
3) 12 90-90 Crunches with Ankle Touch
4) 15 Glute Bride
5) 25 Cord Crunches – Crunch & Punch (see pic)
6) 15 Bench Dips
7) 10 Clam Shells and 10 Reverse Clam Shells (band around knees)
8) 20 Plank alternating Knee Dips (in plank, dip down knees alternately)

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