Mango Banana Poppy Seed Smoothie

Gluten-free, High Protein

A simple & healthy snack, breakfast or post-workout recovery food for athletes.

Simply blend

– 1 Cup of Vanilla Greek Yogurt (my favorite is the one with honey)
– 1 Banana
– 5 Mango Slices (~ 1 mango)
– 2 Tbs of Poppy Seeds (or Chia Seeds)

Mangos have a very high vitamin A and C content, which makes them an ideal source of natural antioxidants (fighting off the free radicals you might produce during intense exercising).

Poppy seeds are rich in calcium, which can improve your bone health and poly-saturated fat, which can help lower your cholesterol and improve your heart health.

In total, you will have more than 20g of protein in this shake!

Athletes should shoot for 20-40g of protein for each of their meals, or after an intense training session to boost their recovery.

For a vegan version, replace the Greek yogurt with an almond yogurt.

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