Interview: How Intermittent Fasting Can Help You

Eating On The Clock – Reducing Meal Frequency

Starting today we post monthly interviews with people who have tried different types of diets and do not mind sharing their experience.

Series Number 1 starts with Sebastian Doerfert, a colleague of mine at the University of Alabama in Huntsville.

One day we happened to talk about nutrition and diets, and he told me his story. We ended up with this interview, which I wanted to share with you.

High-Quality Food As Priority

What Kind of Things Have You Tried Before To Lose Weight?

I just wanted to be healthy, weight did not bother me at 180 lbs.

What Health Issues Did You Have Before You Changed Your Diet?

I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, and started to get a higher blood pressure (135/90)

What Did You Change?

I transitioned into a ketogenic paleo diet. I am currently eating 10 meals per week, following the paleo principles.

Wine Instead of Beer In The Paleo Diet

What Was The Hardest Part Of The Change?

I used to brew my own beer for years. The Paleo diet is gluten free, which means no more beer for me…

Who Should Try What You Did?

Anybody who is struggling to get fat burning started or has any kind of chronic diseases can benefit from either the paleo diet or intermittent fasting, or both. I want to point out that intermittent fasting can be interpreted in many different ways

Who Should Not Try What You Did?

Fasting should not be done by anyone with a BMI below 20, without having a doctor involved.

What Benefits Did You See?

After eating 6-7 meals a day for years, I started to get shaky every 3 hours if I didn’t eat. I was hangry quite often. When switching to paleo, my constant hunger went away. I became a much more balanced person. Also, my blood pressure went down and some of my MS symptoms like numb fingers and forearm did no longer show up.

How Has The Change Impacted Your Weight?

My weight is now close to 150 lbs

Drink More Water To Stay Hydrated

What Strategies Have Worked For You?

Drinking more water and switching to decaf coffee to stay better hydrated was an important change as well.

What Is The Benefit Of Eating 1 Meal A Day?

When being in ketosis, rather than sugar burning mode, your body is supposedly producing more growth hormone when you exercise. This is believed to initiate the self healing effects of the body.

When Hungry, Eat Fruits and Veggies

Do You Ever Get Hungry?

I do occasionally get hungry, and try to either drink water or eat when that happens. 

Do You Still Have Any Health Issues?

I still have multiple sclerosis, but due do to the medication and my diet change, it has not progressed at all since my diagnosis a little over 3 years ago.

How Worried Are You To Return To Your Previous Eating Pattern?

I am very concerned that my MS symptoms would come back if I were to switch back to my old eating style.

Many Traditional Recipes Can Be Turned Paleo-Friendly

On A Scale From 1-10, How Hard Was The Change For You?

It is easy when I am in my regular environment, but can be rather difficult when traveling internationally. Not every place offers a paleo friendly cuisine and if you only eat one meal a day, the meal needs to provide sufficient energy.

Whom Would You Recommend Your Strategy?

I think anybody who has a BMI over 25, should consider fasting every now and then or even permanently. Paleo diet can be tried by anyone, especially people who suspect food allergies.

What Things Stand In The Way To Follow Your Approach?

Social expectations. Coworkers expect you to go for lunch or happy hour after work.

Use Your Friends and Family For Support!

Who Supported You On Your Journey?

My family and several coworkers.

You can find Sebastian on LinkedIn, where he states his profile as a biochemist/microbiologist with a broad experience in answering research questions in the fields of pharmacology, renewable energy and bioremediation.

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the contributors and do not necessarily reflect the position of Gone Training. Examples and personal experiences reported within this article are only examples. We do not recommend any changes in your diet unless you have talked to your doctor.

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