Healthy Breakfast Ideas

A healthy breakfast improves your energy levels and can help with better weight management. People who regularly eat breakfast are less likely to be overweight or obese. 

“Breakfast helps you make better food choices.” 

The following recipe ideas include a balance of lean protein and healthy carbs – not only great for athletes!

1) Pineapple-Kale-Smoothie

A super simple smoothie variation: Blend 1 Cup Soymilk, 1 Cup crushed pineapples and 1 Cup Kale leaves.

2) Buckwheat Flakes With Flax Seeds

The base are either buckwheat flakes or simply old-fashioned oatmeal, soaked in soy milk. Add seasonal fruit like an apple or a khaki, like here in winter, and sprinkle walnuts on top. Great with a cup of chai tea!

3) Rice Cracker Variety

Spread hummus on one rice cracker, and decorate with lettuce and egg whites (L). Put almond butter as a base on the second cracker, and top it off with banana slices (R). Enjoy them with seasonal fruits, like cherries, if it is summer time.

4) Berry Yogurt and Whole-Grain Rolls

Blend some blueberries and strawberries with fat-free Greek Yogurt. Either make your own whole-grain bread Self-made Bread – Base Recipe or simply buy some. Add a tomato, low-fat cottage cheese and an egg.

5) Granola with Fruity Chia Blend

Blend chia seeds, 1/2 banana and raspberries into 1 cup of low-fat Greek yogurt. Put some low-sugar, low-fat granola on top of it – or make your own Self-made Granola Recipe. Tastes great with a cup of Jasmine tea!

6) Avocado-Banana Bread

Self-made breads a perfect for breakfast, as a healthy snack or to bring for a longer workout. This one uses avocados and is extra yum with a cup of coffee Banana-Avocado-Bread Recipe

Prepare A Healthy Breakfast Daily!

A wholesome breakfast has many health benefits, especially if you are trying to lean out and get stronger. Remind yourself in the evening not to skip it!


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