Functional Strength Session

$65.00 Weight Training

Stronger, Less Injury-Prone

60 min 1:1 Strength Training/ UFC (incl. day pass)

Stronger, Leaner, Healthier. Use functional strength training supervised by an Exercise Professional to become a fitter athlete.

Improve Your Form and Posture

What Is Included?

-) 60 min Session at University Fitness Center/ incl. Day-Pass

-) Most Effective Exercises To Avoid Overuse Injuries

-) Successful Guidelines To Make You a Stronger Athlete

-) Workout File via Email

Exercises For At-Home

How Do I Get Started?

Step 1: Book a session.

Step 2: Meet at the UFC gym for a 60 min session.

Step 3: Learn effective techniques to target deficit areas.

Step 4: Get our recommended exercises and start training.

Step 5 (optional): Meet for a follow-up and make even more progress!

Invest In Your Health – Train With Us!

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