Functional Strength Training

Functional Strength Training – A Popular Buzzword?

Dumbbell Squat Push Press

Functional training = training with purpose.
Take your training to the next level. Develop a higher level of fitness by adding purposeful exercises to your strength training routine.

What Is Functional Training?

Single Leg Kettlebell Squats

Functional fitness exercises train your muscles to work together and prepare them for tasks by simulating common movements you need in your sport. Functional training prepares an athlete for his or her sport.

What Is The Difference To Regular Strength Training?

Reverse Plank with Resistance Band Leg Press

Functional movements are more complex compared to being isolated moves only. They are closer mimicking challenges in your endurance activities such as running, cycling or rowing. Functional training intentionally incorporates balance and proprioception (body awareness) into training.

Why Is Functional Training Important?

Barbell Front Squat

The training is not just about getting stronger and bigger, it is about reducing injury risks and improving sports-related skills eg. a more efficient pedal stroke, a more stable hip for a trail run.

Does Functional Training Help My Endurance?

Rotational Bulgarian Split Squat

Yes it does! Functional strength exercises are a great way to address your sports specific demands. Not only do you gain overall fitness, you also target your core by an increased need to stabilize your torso.

And they are fun!

Does Functional Training Build Muscles?

Side Lunge Curl with Resistance Band

Strength is developed with the intent of improving sport skills, not for gaining size. The major goal is to find the right balance between building muscles which you benefit from in your sports activity.

Why Not Just Do Regular Machine Exercises?

Bosu V-Crunch

Ask yourself how many times you are actually sitting still during your sports activity. Probably not so often. Which explains why seated machine exercises are not as beneficial for athletes as they are for others.

What Equipment Do I Need?

Box Step Downs with Dumbbells

Exercise tools, such as kettle bells, resistance bands, fitness balls and dumbbells, are often used in functional fitness workouts. Which makes them great for at-home workouts, since you mainly need small exercise equipment.

Check out more exercises in our next post!

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