Flexibility During Your Day – Part 2

Seated Cat-Cow Stretch From Part 1

Either seated or standing, no matter if wearing business clothes or a casual outfit. No excuses ;o)

Why Daily Flexibility Exercises?

Find release of your tightness by implementing these exercises in between longer seated periods or screen time. After working out, static stretching can help you to increase your range of motion and prevent tight joints or muscles.

Seated Figure 4 Stretch From Part 1

In our previous post we showed you Exercises 1 – 4 you can do during your day. Today we show you the second part, with Exercises 5 – 8.

Exercises 1 – 4

Lying Hamstring Stretch

Aim to hold each position for 10-30s. In total, you try to achieve 60s of stretching time for each exercise.

Exercise #5. Seated Hamstring Stretch

Release Tight Hamstrings

While seated, rest your heel on the floor with your knee straight. Gently lean forward until you feel a stretch behind your knee/ thigh. Keep your lower back straight.

Exercise # 6. Spine Twist Stretch

Find Lower Back Tightness Release

Increase the flexibility in your spine, back, shoulders and chest in a seated position. With your right arm, reach towards the outside of your right foot. Open your torso to your left, extend the left arm towards the ceiling.

Exercise # 7. Standing Hip Flexor Stretch

Give Your Hip Flexors A Break

Stretch your hips and thighs by holding on to desk, putting one foot up on a chair behind you. Foot on the ground is pointed forward with the knee slightly bend. Slowly push pelvis forward while contracting your glutes.

Exercise # 8. Seated Trunk Stretch

Make Yourself Long

Stretch your back, abs, arms and shoulders in a seated position. Raise both arms over your head. Tighten your core, draw your belly in and tilt your hips back. While inhaling, try to make yourself longer.

Start gradually, and set reminders to regularly include more flexibility training!

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