Looking for a simple but effective way to build healthy eating habits?

This is the right program for you! We deliver nutrition tips, recipes and workouts to your phone. And our online coach keeps you motivated.

All problems become smaller when you confront them instead of dodging them.” –

William F. Halsey

Our 12 Week Program Includes

-) Access to Engaging Certified Coach for 12 Weeks

-) Nutrition Tips and Recipes to Build Healthy Eating Habits

-) Various Cardio Sessions and At-Home Strength Workouts

-) Choose from 3 different plans based on your current fitness level

We stay in touch and check your progress!

RUN vs. BIKE Options

Option 1: $120.00 – 5 km Walk/ Jog Training & Nutrition Program

This is a Return to Running or Beginner’s Running Program.

Option 2: $120.00 – Cycling Training & Nutrition Program

This is a Return to Cycling or Beginner’s Cycling Program. The cycling sessions can be done on a trainer/ stationary bike indoors.

Option 3: $120.00 – 10 km Training & Nutrition Program

This is an Intermediate’s Running Program (you frequently run 5 km/ 3 miles).

How Do I Get Started?

Step 1: Book a 12 Weeks Plan – depending on your fitness and interest.

Step 2: Upload the Final Surge App on Your Phone

Step 3:  We Deliver Your Program To Your App

Step 4: Begin to Exercise and Build Healthy Eating Habits In Small Steps.

Communicate with us through our app. You get frequent feedback from our coach.

Get slimmer, fitter and healthier by eating smarter.

Use this plan tailored towards the unique needs of active individuals who wish to eat smarter and slim down. Designed by Exercise and Health Professionals.

Ideal for beginner and intermediate level.