Nutrition Clinics

SEER Ladies Skills Clinic – our last event of 2020

Due to the current pandemic we only offer outdoor clinics. We finished the outdoor season for 2020 in October and we will be back in 2021!

Our clinics are tailored to motivate to change, based on current needs.

Join us for a session full of encouragement, learning, and inspiration. 

Nutritional Input for Athletes

Why pre- and post-workout fueling matters. How to fuel your strength vs. cardio training and similar topics.

Fitness Input for Health Seekers

Why preparing your own meals prevents overweight. How to stay fit and cook simple dishes despite a busy schedule – and similar topics.

Examples of Previous Clinics:

-) Strong Is The New Pretty – 2020

-) Why Fitness Matters More Than Weight – 2019

-) The Power Of Food – Eat Smarter, Ride Harder – 2019

Over the years we have helped active people and athletes of a wide variety of sports and fitness levels to form healthier habits.

We either come to your place, a store, a school, a fitness center, or arrange a place to meet.

Our Pricing:

Non-profit Organization

The special discount rate for a session booked by a non-profit organization like a school or an amateur sports team is $50.00.

Regular Business

The rate for a regular for-profit business event at a store or company is $100.00.

Please contact us to arrange details!

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