Fit Over 40 – Female Workout Plans

$45.00 for 3 Months

We deliver flexible workouts and daily tips to your phone.

Slim Down by Being Active and Eating Healthy

Choose a training distance of 5 km or 10 km. Ideal for beginner and intermediate level.

$45.00 – Fit Over 40 Training Plan – 5 km Option

$45.00 – Fit Over 40 Training Plan – 10 km Option

Get slimmer, fitter and healthier by eating smarter.

Make Smarter Choices With Our Daily Tips


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Get lean and strengthen your health by eating smarter.

Receive Tips and Workouts Anywhere

Too Busy To Eat Right and Be Active?

Your to-do list is long, and there is little time left for yourself. But eating healthier and being physically active give you more energy to complete your tasks.

We Help You To Make Healthier Choices

How To Workout and Eat Smarter, not Harder

Use this plan tailored towards the unique needs of Women 40+, designed by Exercise and Health Professionals.

All problems become smaller when you confront them instead of dodging them.” – William F. Halsey

If you are looking for solutions: We are here for you!

One Step At A Time

What Is Included?

-) 3 Weekly Run/ Walk Workouts

-) 2 Weekly Functional Strength Workouts

-) Daily Healthy Eating Tips

Weight Loss Starts In The Kitchen AND The Gym

How Do I Get Started?

Step 1: Book a 3 Months Plan

Step 2: Upload Final Surge App on Your Phone

Step 3: We Upload Your Program To Your App

Step 4: Begin to Exercise and Implement Tips

Ideal for beginner and intermediate level.

Run/ Walk Intervals Get You Started

Our goal is to lower your body fat by increasing your quality food intake!

At-Home Exercises With Small Equipment

Book a plan now!

Fit Over 40 Training Plan – 5 km Option

Fit Over 40 Training Plan – 10 km Option

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