Be Sweet To Your Feet 5-8

Grab A Few Toys And Get Started!

Improve your foot fitness with the second round of 4 simple exercises. They strengthen the structure and muscles around your shins, calves, and ankles.

Exercise #5. Monopoly

Some of them can be easily done during chilling on the couch or talking on the phone.

Play a little game with your feet!

Strengthen your foot muscles with a toe grip exercise challenging the grip strength of your toes.

Use Your Toe Grip

Place several small objects, like marbles or Monopoly pieces, on the floor in front of you.

Using your toes, pick them up one at a time and drop them into a cup or bowl. Do your best to complete two sets of 10 with each foot.

Drop It Off Into A Bucket

If you are competitive, you can start timing your trials ;o)

Exercise #6. Negative Calf Raises

Strengthen your toes, calf muscles, and Achilles tendon.

Stand on a step or any elevated object (hold on to a chair), heels hanging off, toes on the edge. Lift one leg up, and slowly drop the heel of your leg below the step. Lower it slowly (3-5s) all the way down.

This Is The UP position = Positive
This Is The DOWN Position = Negative

Come back up and repeat 5x each foot.

Exercise #7. Toe Wave

Strengthen your calf and shin muscles.

Alternately Pull-Push Heels and Toes Up

Either seated or standing, alternately lift the toes of one foot, while lifting the heel of the other foot.

Pull and Push With A Good Effort!

Contrary to the ankle pump, stay connected to the floor. Repeat 3x for 30s each side

Exercise #8. Towel Tug

Stretch your calf muscles by sitting with straight legs, looping a towel or band around your foot.

Keep Your Calves Flexible

Pull the towel back toward yourself until you feel it stretching your calf, and hold for 30 seconds. Do this for both feet, completing two sets of 5 holds. Switch legs between holds.

Make It Fun!

Feet exercises do not have to be boring! Break it up with a few fun exercise so you stay motivated ;o)

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