Be Sweet To Your Feet 1-4

Strengthen and Stretch Your Muscles and Joints

These simple exercises will keep your shins, calves, and Achilles tendon happy.

Running, hiking, lifting or jumping can create muscle imbalance around our ankles and feet. Weak muscles will not be able to hold the load and put too much stress on the structure.

Try these exercises, some of them can be easily implemented while sitting at a desk or in front of your TV.

Exercise #1. Towel Wrinkle

Towel Wrinkle – Start

Place your foot on a small towel. Curl your toes and grab the towel. Lift the towel for a few inches, then release it. Repeat 10x with each foot.

Towel Wrinkle – Grab Towel

Exercise #2. Ankle Pump Up And Down

Ankle Pump Up

Pump up: Loosen up your ankle by pulling your foot up like you are trying to bring your toes to your shin. Hold 10s, repeat 3x each foot.

Ankle Pump Down

Pump down: Push your foot down, pointing your toes toward the floor. Hold 10s, repeat 3x each foot.

Exercise #3. Tennis Ball Roll

Massage Your Feet

Roll your foot over a tennis ball for 2-3 minutes. This can help relieve plantar fasciitis pain, and is a good massage for the bottom of your feet. Be sure to carefully work at the painful areas, target the heel and toes.

Wrinkle Your Toes Around The Ball

Exercise #4. Bent-knee Wall Stretch

Lean Against a Wall

Stretch the deeper calf muscles by placing your palms against the wall. Put one leg forward against the wall, (see pic), then lower into a “seated” position by bending your knees. Lean into the wall until you feel the stretch in the back of your calf. Hold for 30-45 seconds. Switch legs and repeat.

Lower Into A Seated Position

Being sweet to your feet pays off! Keep on rolling ;o)

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