Banana Berry Smoothie

Simply Mix Together Milk, Yogurt and Fruits

Smoothies are such a refreshing and healthy combination of fruit and yogurt that are super easy to make! They are a great choice for breakfast or as a mid-day snack.
They are perfect fuel for anybody who is active and training, since they have plenty of healthy carbohydrates from natural sugars, and lots of lean protein as well.

Plant-based Versions

This One Was Made With Almond Milk Yogurt

If you want a plant-based version, you can use Soymilk (similar protein content as regular milk), or Almondmilk (less protein) instead of bovine milk.
And replace the Greek Yogurt with Soy or Almondyogurt. I really like both versions.

Base Recipe

Bananas Are High in Potassium and Fiber

This is the base version I usually use for smoothies.


1 cup Fat-free Milk (lactose-free, Soy or Almond unsweetened)
1 cup Vanilla Greek Yogurt (fat-free, low-sugar, or make from Almondmilk)
1 Banana

Add Other Fruits

Blueberries Have Antioxidant Capacity

For this one I added
1 cup Blueberries

Simple, quick and super delicious! Filling and refreshing, which makes it a perfect post-workout recovery fuel.

Super Delicious and Simple!

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