Asymmetrical – Functional Workout

Overhead Squat Singles

In a previous post we described the benefits of Functional Strength Training for Endurance athletes.

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Today we bring a few examples of asymmetrical exercises which could be implemented into your daily routine.

Get your inner core stronger, and improve your overall fitness. Functional exercises help you to reduce your injury risks and improve sports-related skills eg. a smoother swim stroke in choppy open water or more stability during a rocky trail run.

1) Overhead Squat Singles

Overhead Squat Singles Start Position

Start with a dumbbell in each hand, extend one arm overhead, the other one between your legs.

Overhead Squat Singles End Position

Keep your best form with a proud chest and a straight back while bending your hips and lowering into a squat. The arm positions are not changing during the move. Repeat 10x, then switch up/ down arms for a second set

2) Stability Ball Alternating Superman

Lift Arms and Legs Parallel to Floor

Start with your belly on the Stability Ball, center yourself with your feet and hands on the floor. Diagonally lift your left arm and your right leg at the same time.

Keep Your Head Low

Bring them parallel to the floor, until they are in line with your spine. Keep your head low, in extension of your spine. Alternate sides for 10x on each side

3) Single Leg Scarecrows

Lift Your Thigh Parallel to Floor

Start standing upright, with weights in your hands. Lift your right leg until the thigh is parallel to the floor. Bend elbows and lift arms to side until arms are parallel to floor.

Rotate Forearms Around Upper Arms

Keep your upper arms in place, and rotate forearms towards ceiling. Tighten your core through the entire move, stay as stable as possible. Only your forearms are moving, the upper arms are stationary. Repeat 10x, then switch legs

Adding a few functional exercises to your training is not only fun, but will also help you to swim/ bike/ run/ row with less effort!

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