A Very Berry Yogurt

Increase Your Anti-Oxidant Intake with Berries

Start your day with simple ingredients full of anti-oxidants, fiber and vitamin C. Ideal as a breakfast or a snack between your workouts.

What Could I Eat Before A Workout?

Create your own yogurt blend by mixing a yogurt of your choice with berries. This will give you a perfect combination of lean protein and healthy carbohydrates. Depending on the type of yogurt used, you get up to 20g of protein and around 40g of carbohydrates (all without any extra sugar added).

Eat More Yogurt And Fruits

What Do I Need For A Longer Training?

To fuel for a longer session, add a cup of low fat/ low-sugar granola, oatmeal or brown rice. Some extra 20-40g of carbohydrates will make sure you do not get empty too early into the workout.

Ramp Up Your Whole Grain Intake with Oatmeal

Can I Add Some Nuts?

You might top it off with some almonds, walnuts or seeds for extra protein and healthy fats. Smaller amounts pre-workout, and save the rest for post-workout recovery.

How Early Do I Need To Eat?

To avoid any discomfort in your gut, make sure you have plenty of time before your last solid meal and the start of your ride or run (2-3 hrs). Sip on water between your last meal and your workout session.

Strawberries Are Higher Fiber Fruits

-) 1 Cup Strawberries
-) 1 Cup Blueberries
-) 1 Cup Yogurt
Ideally fat-free, unsweetened Greek Yogurt. For a vegan/ low FOD-MAP version use Almond Milk yogurt.

Enjoy Your Delicious Blend!

Blend the fruits into the yogurt until you create a smooth parfait. Refrigerate any left-overs and enjoy them after your workout!

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