8 Exercises To Straighten Up – Part 1

Help reduce injuries by applying proper form to your strength exercises. Improve your posture by increasing the awareness of your muscle positions and alignment.

This will make it easier to correct your own posture and be aware of misalignment.

Resistance Bands

Resistance bands are a very simple, but effective training tool you can easily take anywhere. They come in different resistance levels.

You might want to start out with a thinner = easier resistance, and work your way up towards using thicker = harder resistance bands.

Athletic Stance

When doing resistance training exercises in a standing position, use a stance which supports developing strength without compromising your structure.

A healthy base position is a so-called ‘athletic stance’.

Key Points Of An Athletic Stance

-) Weight evenly distributed between your feet, either shoulder width apart or using a staggered stance,
-) knees slightly bent,
-) upper body upright,
-) abs tucked in, lower back flat or sightly arched,
-) proud chest with shoulders back, but relaxed,
-) head either straight or in extension of your spine to support a neutral position of your spine.

Use the following four exercises including an athletic stance as their base.

Exercise No. 1 – Chest Press

Start in a staggered stance, with the band anchored behind you. Face away from the anchor, keep your hands at chest level.

Start Position

Keep your core engaged, exhale and extend your arms away the from chest.

End Position

Exercise No. 2 – Mid Row

Start in a staggered stance, with the band anchored in front of you. Face towards the anchor, hold both arms extended in front of you.

Start Position

Keep your core engaged, exhale and pull both arms towards your torso. Keep the elbows on your side and pull until they pass your midline.

End Position

Exercise No. 3 – Triceps Extensions

Start in a staggered stance, with the band anchored behind you. Face away from anchor, keep hands overhead, pointing towards the ceiling.

Start Position

Keep your core engage, the upper arms stay in place. Exhale and extend your elbows, and press your hands towards the ceiling.

End Position

Exercise No. 4 – Low-High Press with Rotation

Start in an athletic stance, with the band anchored next to you. Face 90 degrees rotated away from anchor, hold both handles with the left hand.

Start Position

Keep your core engaged, rotate to your left, pull the band across your upper body. At the same time, move with your legs as well. Rotate your feet while the band crosses in front of your torso. Press the band diagonally towards the ceiling, away from anchor.

End Position

Start with 2 Rounds of 10 Repetitions for each side, and gradually increase to 3 Rounds of 15 Repetitions.

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