30 Min Workouts for Dirt Bike Riders

BENCH DIPS Train Your Triceps and Core

The first SRT SEER race is around the corner! You might not be a pro rider, but still would like to get in shape. If you ever wondered how an amateur rider could get fit, here are a few tips.

How Often Should I Exercise?

Ideally you work out 2-3x during the week, and ride on the weekend.

Any Active Minute Is A Good One

Cardio Or Strength Exercises?

Cardio training such as running or cycling improves your endurance and makes your ride overall easier.
Adding strength exercises will help you to push your bike longer. Or pick it up an extra time.

Most importantly, both forms can help you to prevent injuries. You can stay focused longer and hold on to your bike a little bit stronger.

Stretching After A Workout Helps With Injury Prevention

How Long Should I Workout?

30-60 minutes is a good duration, and most likely to be squeezed into a busy schedule.
If you are short in time, train for as little as 10 minutes. Keep in mind, every minute counts. Better than nothing! 0 minutes don’t make you fitter.

10 Min Is A Start, More Is Better

How Hard Do I Need To Train?

If you are already riding a dirt bike, you are most likely not a true newbie to training. You have some basic fitness and should be able to handle moderate intensity.
You might need to push yourself some, but without being sore for the next 3 days, to improve eg. with Interval Training.

PUSH UPS Train Your Chest, Triceps, Core

What Are Examples of Interval Training?

Here are three suggestions of 30 Minute workouts which are popular with dirt bike riders in Europe:

SKIP JUMPS Train Your Legs and Cardio


10 min light jog
10 min of the following exercises (as many rounds as possible)
25x Jumping Jacks
20x Crunches
15x Squat Jumps
10x Push Ups
5x Skip Jumps
Cool down
5 min light jog/ 5 min foam rolling and stretching

JUMPING JACKS Make You Fit Quickly


10x 1 min Spin Ups. Easy spin in light gear, 50-60 rpm. Last 10s each minute spin up to 80 rpm.
10x 2 min as (20s in hard gear, stand up and pedal as hard as possible/ 1:40 min easy effort, sit down, light gear)
Cool down
5 min light jog/ 5 min foam rolling and stretching

Both Road and MTB Make You Fitter


8 min light jog – every minute include 10 squats.
4x 3 min
-) 1 min moderate jog
-) 1 min Lateral Jumps (sideways)
-) 1 min easy jog/ walk

-) 1 min moderate jog
-) 1 min Walking Lunges
-) 1 min easy jog/ walk

-) 1 min moderate jog
-) 1 min Mountain Climbers (Running in Plank position)
-) 1 min easy jog/ walk

-) 1 min moderate jog
-) 1 min Bench Dips
-) 1 min easy jog/ walk

Cool down
4 min light jog/ 4 min foam rolling and stretching

MOUNTAIN CLIMBERS Great Full Body Exercise


Now you know what to do!
Let’s start today! Put on your sneakers and get going.
No excuses 😉

Your SEERs Racing Team

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