How to use a playground to get stronger.

Playground Equipment for Exercising

Back in Europe, back to morning outdoor runs and Nordic walks with stops at playgrounds for strength routines.

This morning I came up with the following:

1) 10 Hanging Leg Raises on the Monkey Bars
2) 25 Crunches on the Sandbox wooden planks
3) 10 Step Ups on the bench (5 from up front, 5 from the side)
4) 15 Triceps Dips on the bench
5) 20 Deep Walking Lunges with Arms Overhead (10 each leg)
6) 10 Incline Push Ups on the bottom of the slide
7) 20 Incline Mountain Climbers on the bottom of the slide

Start with 1 round, walk/ jog for 5 min and come back for more ;o)

Build you way up to 3-5 Rounds, to fill 30 min with cardio and strength.

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