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Looking for motivation? Needing assistance to stay on track? Wanting to learn how to eat better and move more, despite a busy schedule? 

We are wellness and health advocates. Our expertise is coaching, training and racing.

We help you to lean out by providing top-level exercise physiology and sports nutrition knowledge.

For all levels of fitness enthusiasts, specialized in females 40+.

Our philosophy is the European lifestyle: 

Eat healthier, move more = feel better.

We provide high quality, research-based practices so you can optimize your daily activities, fueling and training.

Come to a session, read our educational blog, or listen to one of our fitness talks. 

We are here for you! 

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Many reasons can lead to overweight. We look at your current eating patterns and show you how to increase your metabolism with proper exercising. Learn step-by-step how to adjust to a healthier lifestyle!

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Healthy fueling can be a struggle for recreational athletes with a busy life. Their energy needs exceed those of the average person. Learn how to balance your nutrition for everyday life, training and competitions.

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Choose our online 5k and 10k training plans if you want to stay on track. Our progressive plans safely combine walking/ running, strength training and health eating tips. Be flexible – get everything on your phone.

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Fit and Healthy – a Lifestyle.

If you want to get stronger, fuel smarter and stay motivated, come for a session! Book it online!


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